Getting Over It with Meep_Moop

by Meep

A mod of Celeste Classic
by Maddy Thorson
and Noel Berry

Based on Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
by Bennett Foddy

Made in 48h for warspyking's Celeste Classic modathon.

🎵 Post-jam music by RubyRed 🎵

💬 Celeste Classic Discord


MouseMove Hammer
Left ClickPush Hammer
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
TagsComedy, Difficult, penguins


Standalone (Win) 962 kB
Standalone (Mac) 3 MB
Standalone (Linux) 720 kB


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This is the worst game ever made, 10/10


2hrs in 2 sessions. The point of sign is brutal.

This is surprisingly deep and very fun! 
Haven't played much yet (only 20 minutes), but will definitely come back to finish this some time :D

I like the movement mechanics and overall difficulty level, but I didn't like how falling down from later sections sends you back to near the beginning.  It's just a cheap way to extend the length by making you repeat the same sections over and over.

Thanks for the feedback! I get the frustration with that- this particular mod was inspired by both Getting Over It and Spelunky, two games where it's unfortunately really easy to lose progress. :(

I get that frustration is part of the game, but it felt like it took the "joke" too far, especially in a couple of places with a long tedious section followed by one really tricky jump.

I finally finished with a time of 24:13.17, plus 6-7 hours I spent before that in previous play sessions.  Of the total time I think the first 2 hours were spent getting to the trash can robot thing, the next 5 hours making virtually no progress on the middle section, then when I finally figured out how to reliably get to the "!" sign area, the final section took only 5-10 minutes on the first try.

I saw on the stream that there are some collectibles and stuff but I don't care enough to try to 100% this.

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amazing remake! this is such a amazing game


edit: could I have the .p8 file for this? or, where is it?


I'm planning on releasing it once enough people have beaten the bonus content, as the Celeste Classic community is still wary about spoilers. :)