Explore the ocean with a penguin.

No background music for now because of the deadline and also I don't know how to make background music.


Arrows - Move
X - Throw snowball
Hold X - Strafe

by Kris De Asis

For Ludum Dare 48


Cartridge (PICO-8) 26 kB
Standalone (Linux) 696 kB
Standalone (Mac) 3 MB
Standalone (Win) 1 MB


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I like how you get to earn powerups the further you get into the game to help you get more skillful at killing the fish.  Sound and graphics really took me back to old school games.

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Snowballs need to go a little further, I tried my best although with the snowballs reach I just found my self running away from enemy bullets to then run back to miss the enemy. Then I get hit rinse repeat, It just felt way to unfair that the enemy had such an advantage.

Yeah, I'll likely try to re-balance things post-jam- the short range was somewhat intentional because towards the end of the game you'll be able to shoot across the entire room (via power-ups), but it might be a bit too short that it's frustrating to get a run going. :(