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You have to decipher the symbols and then spell the shape of the statue on the gold platform. There was some bilingual text in the room where you got the ankh, and seeing that you recognize it's an ankh, that can get you started. The english portion of that same text is also helpful as it tells you the name of the place, and that shows up where you'd expect it to. :)

Is there more to this game than just the fish and the diamond. Is there a golden strawberry reward too? Asking in advance before I dive deep into insanity.

Nah the fish suggests you've likely already got everything. :)

 ive gotten the beetle thing in the slot, what now?

You're likely missing this step- after which another puzzle starts. :)

I KNEW IT!  I knew it had something to do with that, I thought that the beginning of that room was weird

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There aren't any videos (yet), but here's a GIF of the key segment:

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Deleted 21 days ago

Major spoilers, but this is the step that most people miss. ;)

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How can I download a cart image to play on my handheld?

How do you even get the beetle do you need some kinda tech

I couldn't figure it out until I looked at the controls. 

X, V, or M: Dash/PICK UP/THROW

you can grab arrows after they've fallen and use them to set off traps. you can also carry them in between levels

How the heck can you get the key all the way from the start of the long level to the chest?? Im having trouble getting it over the first bunch of spikes!

Oh finally got it woah. These levels are amazing

Thanks for this fun little gem! Is there any way to get a hold of the pico8 .png file? Would love to play this on the go on my retro handheld ...

love the mod, incredible polish :)

lets talk puzzles, i've tried a lot of things and spent a while on trying to decrypt the messages, i put the beetle in the slot, is there something i'm missing? can all puzzles be completed with information from in-game? or do i need information from outside of the game?


Yup all of the information is in the game. :) If you DM me on Discord I can point you in the right direction if you'd like

k thanks

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wow, simply, wow

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Some very fun puzzles in this..

Is there anything I'm missing? I've put the bug into the slot, and nothing is happening.

nvm found the next step


Very fun game! Liked the atmosphere a lot

meep you're just too good at the game, how tf do i get the key to the chest, ive made it some of the way but this is insane lol

oh ok thats how lol


wtf does that bug do, i got it into the slot, and i got it to the end once, but im confused af

Is the bug the little crown looking thing above the two arrow traps? How do you get it?

I did it using an arrow from the previous level

How do you do it?? I can sort of understand throwing it onto the edge of the first spike wall, but after that what the heck??


Wow, there was so much more to this game than I was expecting! You really have to be paying attention to find and obtain all the collectibles – let's just say that I resorted to good old-fashioned paper and pencil. It's very achievable though, so I hope others find this gem and embark on the same adventure I did!


I hate you (I'm kidding) but I love the game!

I played in over 3 hours and I made a little video for those who know that they were left without an idea in certain places.

I had fun, I got angry and I sweated a lot!

Enjoy the video!


Was a treat seeing the commitment eventually pay off in that one room! Glad you had fun despite what it put you through- thanks for sharing! :)


This game is really hard


this is a mod of celeste classic


some of these secrets are genius.