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slightly like if peta made a acturatly fine game, but the laout of the stage is just not very good.

good mod, but why the ice physics?  it just makes it annoying with no true reason

The short answer is that the physics is from the original CELESTE (Classic) game/engine, and this was my very first mod of it. Have learned a lot since then. :')

I played this ages ago... got stuck somewhere or other (I vaguely remember fireballs were involved?) and never beat it. Boatloads of fun though.


I like the nice open world mod to Celeste
Good Work!


8 to dash :)

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The movement of the camera is kinda shaky.

Edit: I swear to god that strawberry in the narrow hallway is impossible. The spring bounces me into the spike every time, I can't seem to press X at the right time and walljumping off the right wall doesn't work T_T

To get that you have to do a diagonal dash from far back enough that you brush your head on the ceiling and not go as high- you avoid the spring entirely. This 100% run shows it :)



It looks cool in the gif, but what button do I press to start?

You press one of the dash inputs at the title screen. :)